2007 PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS (7)

The follow-up to this car showed you can never underestimate Porsche’s capacity for improving a five-star sportscar.

Three years on from our car, the uprated, second-generation RS managed to extract 331kW from its normally aspirated 3.8-litre flat-six. With its six-speed manual gearbox, acceleration from 0–100 km/h dropped to 4.0 seconds flat and top speed rose to 310km/h.
For the first time, the RS received a wider track at the front as well as the rear. The wider wheel arch fairings on the front wheels house wheels that measure nine inches in width and run on 245/35 ZR19 tyres, while the wheels at the rear are twelve inches wide and wear 325/30 ZR19s.
Aerodynamics were improved for additional downforce. An even larger rear wing with aluminium supporting struts results in greater downforce on the rear axle, and the effect is supplemented by an additional spoiler on the front lip for optimal aerodynamic balance.
Another new feature for 2010  was an extra-sporting version of PSM Porsche Stability Management. As opposed to the Traction Control featured on our 2007 model (which serves to stabilise the car when accelerating) PSM offers a much higher standard of active safety while catering better to the dynamic needs of a circuit racer.
The most important engine highlights are dry sump lubrication with an external engine oil tank, titanium connecting rods, upgraded VarioCam valve control with small cup tappets able to run at high engine speeds, a variable intake system with two resonance flaps, and the sports exhaust system with reduced counter-pressure. The 11kW increase in power over the corresponding 911 GT3 results from an improved air filter and intake manifold that reduce flow resistance by about 20 per cent. Unladen weight is 1370 kg, and fuel consumption 13.2L/100 km.

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VARIANT 997.1 Carrera

COLOUR Black metallic, orange decals

UPHOLSTERY grey Alcantara

ENGINE 3797cc flat-six

POWER 305kW (409bhp)

TORQUE 405Nm @ 5500rpm

TRANSMISSION 6-speed manual, RWD

0-100km/h 4.3 secs

WHEELS 19-inch alloy

LENGTH 4.43m

WEIGHT 1375kg

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