2001 AUDI TT COUPE (5)

The timing was impeccable. The trusty TT performed perfectly until it arrived at an Audi service bay for some expert attention.

After 6000 enjoyable kilometres in 18 trouble-free months, the TT rolled into the Audi dealership for a thorough service and promptly blotted its copybook. It wouldn’t start for the service technician. Bizarre, really, as it’s always been a first-time, everytime starter.
To give you some background, the fuel tank was half full of 98, the spark plugs are not old, and the starter motor has been replaced in recent times. The technician confirmed the fuel pump was the culprit. Removal of the back seat and a firm tap got things working. But was this a one-off fault, the start of an intermittent issue, or the beginning of the end for a pump that had given 20 years of service?
We were not prepared to find the answer to that question and sourced a tricky-to-find OEM replacement in quick time for peace of mind. It came beautifully packaged in a box with protective balloons to prevent any damage to its many delicate bits.
The rest of the servicing work was straightforward, as you would hope with a car that boasts a continuous Audi dealer service history from Day Dot and is consistently free of fault codes. Fresh brake fluid was applied and the TT sailed through the WoF inspection.
Did it feel any livelier on the drive back to KiwiGarage HQ? Cars always seem to after a service and the difference was discernible. It new feels 50kg lighter, seeming more sprightly on a full tank of fuel than it has in the past. It has also been quieter upon initial start-up and feels a little smoother through the gears. It drives precisely as it should, in fact, which means remarkably well for a 20-year-old. Credit a very low mileage (78,000km), doting female owners, and no-expense-spared Audi servicing for its rude health.
A bonus of a computerised service history is being able to pinpoint when key parts were last replaced and maintain a fat folder of printed invoices. Some of the replacements were essential, others precautionary, and none were cheap.
It’s reassuring to see three cambelt and water pump replacements at 6-year intervals, new engine and power steering hoses, new airbag modules, a replacement air-con compressor and fresh front suspension bushes. And with a brand-new fuel pump and replacement starter motor, we won’t be expecting another starting issue any time soon.

2001 AUDI TT

VARIANT 1.8T Coupe

COLOUR Silver Sea metallic

UPHOLSTERY black leather

ENGINE 1798cc 4-cyl turbo

POWER 132kW (178bhp)

TORQUE 235Nm from 1950rpm

TRANSMISSION 5-speed manual, FWD

0-100km/h 7.5 secs

WHEELS 16-inch five-arm alloy

LENGTH 4.04m

WEIGHT 1240kg

EMAIL keepers@kiwigarage.co.nz



Two decades after its debut, the TT compares favourably with modern metal in all but a few areas.


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