2001 AUDI TT COUPE (4)

Two decades after its debut, the TT compares favourably with modern metal in all but a few areas.

Surprised by how much we’ve enjoyed the Mk1 manual TT, we tracked down another couple advertised for sale, admittedly with mileages well into six figures and for which Audi dealer servicing was a distant memory.
Our car stood proud due to its superior colour (silver metallic suits the iconic design much better than red or black), the smoothness of its power delivery, especially as the turbo comes cleanly on boost, and the taut feel of the shift action as you work the gate. Our gearbox is not only a pleasing point of interaction, it’s one of the chief reasons (alongside superior condition, service history, and overall design appeal) that we bought this Mk1. The clutch action is light, the bite point obvious and the gear throws are short and positive. There are occasions above 100km/h, however, that you think a sixth gear would have value.
At 73,000 mostly urban kilometres and a history of female ownership, the TT feels broken-in like a nice leather jacket. It’s been driven sedately, the plump leather driver’s seat has retained its shape, comfort and support, and the steering has better weight and a more natural feel than some of the latest electric PAS systems. The compact size has also made it easy to keep the wheels away from kerbs. While those 16-inch alloys don’t monster the arches, the payback is a comfortable ride on Michelins with sensible sidewalls.
Of course, the 132kW TT is understandably some way off modern car pace in not delivering 30kW more, not packing the braking hardware of a sportscar, and not having the structural rigidity of the latest premium coupes. It is also quite vocal upon start-up and the first night drive revealed how far headlight tech has moved on in three TT generations.
Overall though, this original TT is safe, very well equipped, a delight to drive at any speed, and is fully functioning. It has stood the test of time brilliantly.

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2001 AUDI TT

VARIANT 1.8T Coupe

COLOUR Silver Sea metallic

UPHOLSTERY black leather

ENGINE 1798cc 4-cyl turbo

POWER 132kW (178bhp)

TORQUE 235Nm from 1950rpm

TRANSMISSION 5-speed manual, FWD

0-100km/h 7.5 secs

WHEELS 16-inch five-arm alloy

LENGTH 4.04m

WEIGHT 1240kg

EMAIL keepers@kiwigarage.co.nz



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