2002 BMW 745i (2)

Now bargain luxury, the 745i shows that owners of these cars are not always battling to prioritise repairs.

Back in 2002, our 745i represented a much more serious stab at high-end luxury than previous Sevens had managed. The looks were suitably ambitious, you might say, and the years have not softened the confronting nature of a front end with curiously shaped eyes and a pinched kidney grille. The stepped rear end has fared better; to most eyes the rear three-quarter angle and side profile show off a handsome limo with traditional sportiness intact. Trouble is, you can’t always arrive at your destination sideways, let alone backwards.

It’s on the open road that you most appreciate the sporting traits, along with the safety, comfort and seamless speed of a quality luxury car. The 4.4-litre V8 draws on a deep well of performance and the six-speed auto benefits from wheel-mounted paddle shifts.

In front of the transmission lever sits the rotary controller for an early incarnation of iDrive, which is a lot less useful – and a lot less user-friendly – than the intuitive system of today’s BMWs. But many other controls share a brushed or milled aluminium finish, making the leather-drenched cabin impressive even by current standards, whether you’re seated in the sumptuous yet supportive front  seats or on the big rear bench.

The bottom line: this is an awful lot of car for very modest money.

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BMW 745i

VARIANT E65 saloon

COLOUR Titanium Silver

UPHOLSTERY black leather

ENGINE 4398cc V8

POWER 245kW (329bhp)

TORQUE 450Nm @ 3600rpm

TRANSMISSION 6-speed auto, RWD

0-100km/h 7.1 secs

WHEELS 18-inch alloy

LENGTH 5.03m

WEIGHT 1940kg

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BMW 745i

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